Running In Circles

I am told to walk the straight and narrow, yet I find myself running in circles. The circle encompasses a wide circumference touching many influences along the way.  The running is exhilarating.  It is a lot of fun to go fast and faster, even though I don’t know what lays before me on the track of LIFE. The jumping of hurdles; the avoidance of rocks; using caution on the slippery slope; watching for the potholes are the many hazards on this trek.

How does one enter this dangerous circle?  Do friends pull me into their hectic life and say “Jump on board! It is great running in circles”?  Do they have to coax me to join in their fun?  Do I see they are having fun and I am not?  Is it really fun or just pure craziness?

What is the enticement?  Not wanting to be left out; wanting to belong to a group; the feeling of family; or the need to be loved maybe some of the many reasons for “jumping on board”.

Now that I am “on board” how does it feel?  Am I now running alone?  Where is my direction? Who am I following?  Who is my leader?  What am I chasing?  Does this make me happy to run in circles and not stop to enjoy the scenery?


I jump off!    I joined the straight and narrow.  I enjoy the journey we call LIFE, because it will be over before we realize we didn’t LIVE.

Have a great life.


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  1. Hello Oregon, too!! Thank you for stopping by JOTS…
    So enjoy your outlook…thank you for sharing.

    • So are you still running in circles? I have slowed down some but life tends to throw in a few pot holes now and then. Thanks for peeking into my world!

  2. Thanks for your reply…I’m slow at this stuff so bear with me. Caught more of your blog and I would be lol but hubby is asleep in our studio apt (downsizing since retired). great stuff…Sorry about your “symptoms”. hope your days are bearable. Thanks for the babies!! Love the little guys and gals. I have ten of them. (5 next door)..I am so blessed as I hear the scrabbles and giggles daily. Hope to start blogging again as I am getting my act together and settling in for some serious writing/editing that novel for publishing…you too uh? thanks for the grins!

  3. Yes, indeed, life will be over before we realize we’ve lived if we don’t pay attention. Your post was about paying attention. Neat.


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