Crossroads…Left or Right?

Have you ever wonder if you took a different path in life how different things would be?  You know, the storybooks of selecting your own ending?  Well, suppose you could do that in real life. Oh, you  already chose your path…but what if it is the wrong path, wouldn’t you want to change it if you could?

I had a fork in my road one year and I chose the tine that gave me this future as I know it, today.  If I had chose the other tine, going left instead of right, would the outcome be better or worse than my today?  Let us suppose it would have be a zillions times worse. What would that look like?

Well, definitely there would have been a different husband or none at all…Let’s go with none for now.  Mr. Right usually is Mr. Wrong.  Being single, raising five teens, or near teens, in a huge city as this left turn  would have lead me into an environment of drugs, alcohol, pregnancies, and some abuse of neglect and abandonment.  The education would falter as one by one the children would drop out of school.  Spiritual teaching was only on the surface or non-existent as this mother tried to fill the void in her life.  She knew right from wrong but continued down this path not looking for a exit sign to get off this road.   Life continued to dish out it’s disappointments after lose of employment or housing and food.  One by one the children found their own way to cope.  Drugs hit them hard, Alcohol ran rampant in their veins. Hallucinations came knocking at the door.  Soon life came crashing down all around her. What was she to do but call for help. She needed to turn her life around and go the other way, trusting life would dish out happiness, forgiveness, and love.

I did make that call for help only to find that was the story of my future.  Life happens because you are in it making all the wrong choices.  Until I changed, nothing changed around me.  Teen pregnancies happened, drugs and alcohol hit hard but did not consume us.  Spiritual leadership was lacking. Emotional abandonment was prevalent as each teen moved away from home without completing their education.  My choice to return after a year separation from my 24 year marriage, proved to be God’s plan after all.  Many lessons of grace, forgiveness and learning to love were on the top of His list. This journey is for a lifetime…it can’t be avoided until it is…The End.

…..lean not on your own understanding….His way are not our ways.

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  1. Emilie- It’s always a joy to meet another writer. This blog reminds me a bit of my own. Reflections on life, days and faith. I enjoyed this post on the choices we make. It sounds like you have interesting story to tell. I have always wondered if I could actually write a fictional story. I feel like I have so many “characters” stored up in my mind, but am never good at coming up with any kind of plot unless I am the center of the story. Maybe we’ll get a chance to talk more about writing and life. So nice to meet you.

    • Thanks Holly, since we last talked, I started another blog at: titled “How did I get here?” I also have a link to

      I had previously started goodreads and actually forgot what was there and discovered another post of “How did I get Here?” so I decided to link them together since Goodreads lets me write chapters….

      This sight on WordPress is more for Reflections (duh) as the mood strikes me.
      My novel…”Sarah” is getting more attention as I have edited up to chapter 9. (20 more to go)


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